The Best Web3 Design Agencies

20 June 2023

Web3, the decentralized version of the web, offers immense opportunities to creators, developers, and entrepreneurs alike. This new paradigm has opened up new avenues in user experience (UX) and product design. If you're looking to tap into this transformative space, choosing the right web3 design studio is crucial. Here are five outstanding web3 design agencies leading the charge towards a decentralized future.

Refire Design

Refire Design believes in the power of simplicity in the midst of the bustling world of web3. With over ten years of experience in product design, UX, 3D, and motion design.
Refire Design excels at creating intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly digital products that open up web3 to everyone. Their passion lies in making web3 simple, accessible, and engaging. They work with concepts such as NFTs, DeFi, DAO, and P2E, transforming these complex mechanisms into easy-to-navigate experiences.
The agency's unique subscription-based payment model offers 20, 40, or 80 hours of their expert services per month. Each client benefits from the dedicated attention of a motion designer, project manager, product designer, and creative designer. Their turnaround time is impressively swift, usually between 24-48 hours, and they also cater to one-off projects.

Orizon Design

Canada's Orizon Design takes pride in constructing functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use web3 products. The team's global reach and passion for design enable them to craft powerful and engaging web3 experiences that meet your business needs.


Looking to create a captivating experience in the web3 space? Expedite is your go-to agency. They specialize in web3 design, game development, and branding, helping clients unlock infinite possibilities with their products. Whether you're building a web3 game, a decentralized app, or a blockchain platform, Expedite's expertise can guide you to success.

Tenten Creative

Tenten Creative is all about crafting engaging user experiences. Their user-centric approach focuses on bridging the gap between user needs and your business model.
They offer a range of services, including UX/UI design, development, web3 marketing, and ESG strategy, helping you create a web3 product that not only looks great but also fulfills your users' needs.

Third Web

Third Web was born out of the belief that there's always a better way to do things. This passion for user interfaces and experiences has drawn together a team of highly talented individuals committed to designing the digital world they envision.
Their UX/UI expertise can help you deliver the best possible digital products in the web3 realm.


These leading web3 design studios are your gateway to designing and building successful web3 products. Each one offers a unique approach, but all share the same goal - to create designs that help their clients grow and succeed in this decentralized future.
If you resonate with simplicity and are seeking an agency to demystify web3 while providing top-notch designs, Refire Design is your perfect match. Their commitment to transforming the future of web3 into an easy-to-navigate and empowering space is ideal for individuals and businesses ready to embrace the web3 journey. Remember, at Refire Design, the future of web3 design is not just about looking good - it's about feeling good too.