Bramti is a super app that integrates three popular services – a dating app, a messenger, and a news channel – into one seamless platform. The goal of Bramti is to make users' lives easier by providing them with all the services they regularly use in one place.

UX/UI Design
12 months
Project type
Mobile app design


We were tasked to design Bramti, an app that combines dating, messaging, and news into a single platform. The aim was to make users' experiences smooth by reducing the need to switch between multiple apps.


We focused on user-centered design. The persona 'Mia' helped us understand the needs of our typical user – a busy, tech-savvy professional looking for a simple and effective app experience.

Here's what we did:

  • Unified Interface: We created a common design language across all services in the app. This gave Bramti a consistent look and feel, making it easy for users like Mia to navigate and use.
  • One-Tap Switching: We introduced a navigation bar for swift transition between services. This removed the hassle of closing and opening different apps.
  • Personalized Dashboard: We designed a customizable dashboard that showed the most used features and all notifications. This made it easier for users to stay updated.
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    28 y.o.
    San Francisco, CA

    Mia is a busy marketing professional who is always on the go. She values efficiency and convenience in her daily life, and is always looking for ways to streamline her activities. She is tech-savvy and enjoys using her smartphone for communication, entertainment, and dating.

    • To have all her regularly used services in one place, without having to switch between multiple apps.
    • To save time and increase efficiency by having a personalized dashboard that displays her most frequently used services and features.
    • To have a seamless user experience when using different services, without having to learn how to use multiple apps.
    • Finding the right app to use for a specific task, especially when she has multiple apps installed on her phone.
    • Constantly switching between multiple apps, which is time-consuming and confusing.
    • Inconsistent user experiences across different apps, leading to frustration and confusion.

    Mia is the ideal user for Bramti, as the app addresses her needs and challenges by providing all the services she regularly uses in one place, with a consistent and intuitive interface. She values convenience and efficiency, and is willing to try new and innovative solutions to streamline her activities.



    Users found it tiring to switch between multiple apps for different services.
    We combined messaging, dating, and news services into one seamless app.
    Inconsistency in interfaces across different apps was causing confusion.
    Bramti has a consistent visual style across all its sections.
    Users were overwhelmed by managing notifications from several apps.
    Bramti offers a unified notification system for all its services.
    A cluttered app drawer makes finding the right app hard.
    Bramti's dashboard shows the most used services at a glance.
    Learning how to navigate multiple apps was a challenge for users.
    Bramti offers streamlined, easy-to-learn user navigation.

    Our team handles the entire design process:

    Product Design
    Design System
    User Research
    Market Analysis
    Marketing assets
    Logo Design
    Responsive Design
    Information Architecture
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