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CoinCatalyst is a secure wallet and marketplace app we designed for buying, managing, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. The design features a user-friendly dashboard, a smooth transaction process, and a straightforward system for handling crypto cards. This all-in-one solution is available across web, mobile, and desktop platforms, with an inviting landing page to welcome users.

UX/UI Design
9 months
Project type
Mobile app design
Website design
Desktop app design


Designing a user-friendly platform that makes managing cryptocurrencies easy, safe, and accessible on mobile, desktop, and web. The platform needed to handle trades, purchases, portfolio management, and crypto card services.


We focused on making the platform simple to use for all types of users. We did research to understand what users need. This helped us create designs that make handling cryptocurrencies easy, even for new users. We also made sure to keep the platform safe and consistent across mobile, desktop, and web. Additionally, we made a welcoming landing page to guide users into CoinCatalyst.

Research and Analysis

  1. We studied the crypto market and similar apps.
  2. We talked to potential users to learn what they need.
  3. We made user profiles to guide our design.
  4. We looked at how users would use CoinCatalyst.
  5. We tested early designs with users and used their feedback.

    This helped us learn what users want: a simple, secure, and all-in-one crypto app. We also learned new users need help to use CoinCatalyst. This information helped us make design choices.

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    35 y.o.
    Small business owner

    John is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who runs a small online retail business. He is familiar with digital trends and has a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies. He has invested a small portion of his savings in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    • Expand his crypto portfolio with different cryptocurrencies.
    • Manage his crypto investments in one place.
    • Securely buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.
    Pain Points
    • Many crypto platforms are too complicated.
    • Worries about the security of his digital assets.
    • Difficulty keeping track of his investments across different platforms.
    • Wants to explore the potential of cryptocurrencies.
    • Seeks to make informed investment decisions.
    • Hopes to simplify his crypto management.

    Preferred Platform: Desktop, but also uses mobile for on-the-go management.

    User Scenario:
    John wants to diversify his crypto investments and needs a platform that allows him to manage all his assets securely. He is looking for a user-friendly platform that can provide comprehensive portfolio information and facilitate secure transactions.

    John's user persona tells us that our platform needs to be easy, safe, and useful for tech-smart business owners. Our goal is to make CoinCatalyst the best choice for all his crypto needs by solving his problems and meeting his goals.



    Navigating Multiple Cryptos: John finds managing various crypto assets confusing.
    One Wallet: We created a single wallet that supports diverse cryptocurrencies for ease.
    Scam Concerns: John fears crypto scams and frauds.
    We ensured users control keys in a non-custodial setup, fostering platform trust.
    Usability Hurdles: John finds crypto platforms difficult to navigate.
    We designed an intuitive UI to simplify transactions like buying and selling.
    Data Overload: John feels overwhelmed with crypto market data.
    We made a dashboard that shows vital portfolio information in a concise manner.
    Access Limitation: John wants to use his crypto in everyday transactions.
    We built a crypto card management system, extending crypto usability.

    Our team handles the entire design process:

    Product Design
    Design System
    Responsive Design
    User Research
    Market Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
    Usability Testing
    Information Architecture
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