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Good Vibes AR is an innovative mobile app that marries the booming NFT market with the world of legal cannabis. The application offers a unique AR experience where users can explore, collect, and interact with 3D NFT representations of various cannabis strains. It also incorporates a full purchasing, checkout, and delivery system for real-world cannabis products, featuring an intuitive mobile interface for couriers and an administrative panel for store operators to efficiently manage orders and logistics.

UX/UI Design
7 months
Project type
Mobile app design
Augmented Reality


Designing Good Vibes AR posed unique challenges:

  1. Balancing the app's fun and interactive elements with its practical, transactional features.
  2. Integrating NFT technology within the AR experience without compromising user-friendliness.
  3. We needed to create a dual-interface — one for the users to browse and purchase and another for the store administrators and couriers.
  4. The presentation of an extensive catalog of cannabis strains required a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation.
  5. We had to create a reliable and intuitive order management system for the stores.


  1. We delved into extensive market research to understand the expectations and preferences of our target users - cannabis enthusiasts intrigued by the NFT and AR technologies.
  2. We incorporated best practices from both e-commerce and gaming applications to create a unified, intuitive user experience.
  3. We designed the NFT and AR experience to be visually appealing, interactive, and user-friendly, ensuring the NFT collecting process feels rewarding and fun.
  4. For the transactional aspect, we focused on creating a straightforward and secure process, integrating trust signals and transparent information at every step.

Research and Analysis

    • User Surveys: We conducted surveys to understand potential users' attitudes towards cannabis, NFTs, AR, and delivery services.
    • Competitive Analysis: We analyzed similar applications in the cannabis and AR gaming markets to identify best practices and potential areas for innovation.
    • User Testing: We performed user testing at different development stages to collect feedback and make necessary adjustments, ensuring the final design meets user needs and expectations.
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    Lily Thompson

    27 y.o.
    Graphic Designer
    San Francisco, CA

    Lily is a millennial freelancer living in the heart of San Francisco, California. As a graphic designer, she loves exploring new trends, especially in the tech and art world. In her free time, she enjoys unwinding with some yoga and a good strain of weed, and she's always on the lookout for new varieties to try. She is a tech-savvy individual and enjoys using apps that enhance her lifestyle and cater to her interests.

    • Discover and collect unique NFTs.
    • To find a reliable source of cannabis that provides detailed information about various strains.
    • To be able to purchase her choice of weed in a secure and trusted manner.
    • To explore the intersection of her interests - art, tech, and cannabis – in a fun, interactive way.
    • Finding a unique and interactive way to learn more about different cannabis strains.
    • Finding trustworthy sources to buy cannabis.
    • Navigating through online stores for cannabis purchase that lack interactivity and fun elements.
    • Managing her time between work and leisure effectively.
    Pain Points
    • Lack of engaging and informative platforms for learning about cannabis strains.
    • The tedious and mundane process of buying cannabis online.
    • Traditional purchasing (offline) methods are time-consuming.
    • Uncertainty about the security and privacy of her personal information during online transactions.
    • She sometimes finds it hard to verify the quality and authenticity of cannabis products she purchases.

    With a user persona like Lily in mind, our design process for Good Vibes AR revolved around the key elements of simplicity, education, and interaction. As a mobile app, Good Vibes AR is aimed at providing users like Lily an intuitive and engaging platform to explore, learn, and purchase cannabis strains, all while utilizing cutting-edge AR and NFT technology.

    The addition of AR and NFT technology not only makes Good Vibes AR stand out in the market but also satisfies Lily's desire to engage with a platform that combines her interests in a seamless and fun way. The design of the mobile app and its AR capabilities ensures Lily has a unique and engaging user experience, transforming the way she learns about and purchases cannabis.

    Our goal was to make Good Vibes AR more than just a mobile app; it is an innovative and immersive platform that blends cannabis education, purchase, and enjoyment with the latest technological advancements. The outcome is a unique product that caters to tech-savvy cannabis users like Lily, enriching their experience and changing how they engage with cannabis products.



    Users found the sheer number of weed strains and products overwhelming and difficult to navigate.
    We developed a structured catalog with a minimalistic design that divides products by categories. Detailed filters help users narrow down their options based on specific preferences like strain type, effects, and THC/CBD content.
    Users had a hard time understanding the properties and effects of different strains.
    The AR feature enables users to interact with 3D NFTs of each strain, providing an immersive way to learn about its properties, effects, and history. This visual and interactive form of education makes the learning process enjoyable and memorable.
    Users didn't fully understand the value of the 3D NFTs related to different weed strains.
    We developed an AR experience that lets users interact with the 3D NFTs, enhancing their perceived value.
    Users were unsure about the status of their orders and when they would receive them.
    We introduced a feature for users to track their delivery in real time, giving them peace of mind.
    The transition from standard browsing to AR viewing was not smooth.
    We incorporated the AR feature directly within the product browsing flow, creating a seamless and intuitive user experience.

    Our team handles the entire design process:

    Product Design
    Design System
    User Research
    Market Analysis
    Information Architecture
    Augmented Reality
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