The Globe app, a secure and user-friendly mobile platform for crypto trading, offered a significant design challenge due to its extensive feature set and a demanding user base of tech-savvy cryptocurrency traders.

UX/UI Design
3 months
Project type
Mobile app design


We faced the task of balancing user experience (UX) with a complex trading infrastructure. This included integrating a unique unified margin system, providing a broad range of trading markets, and prioritizing security and transaction speed.


Our approach was to prioritize user-centered design. We began with comprehensive Research and Analysis, studying similar platforms and gathering user feedback. We then developed User Personas representing our typical traders. These personas helped us understand our users' needs, motivations, and potential frustrations.

Research and Analysis

  • Conducted surveys and interviews with current and potential users to understand their needs and pain points when trading cryptocurrency derivatives.
  • Analyzed competitor apps to identify best practices and areas for improvement.
  • Reviewed industry standards and regulations for trading and storing cryptocurrency.

From our research, we found that users wanted a simple, intuitive interface that did not compromise on features or speed. They also highly valued security.

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35 y.o.
Software Engineer

Alex is a software engineer with a strong interest in cryptocurrency and its potential as an investment. He has been trading cryptocurrency for several years and is experienced in managing multiple portfolios and strategies.

  • To easily manage and trade his cryptocurrency derivatives in one secure platform.
  • To access margin without having to sell or swap his crypto.
  • To earn bonuses for using select coins as margin to maximize his investment potential.
  • Difficulty in tracking and managing multiple cryptocurrency portfolios and strategies across different platforms.
  • Inconvenient and time-consuming processes for accessing margin or swapping assets.
  • Lack of transparency and security concerns with current cryptocurrency exchanges.
Attitudes towards Globe Crypto Exchange:
  • Positive, as Globe offers a clean and intuitive interface, secure system, and innovative margin and rewards features that align with Alex's goals.
  • Confident, as Globe has established a strong reputation in the market and is a reliable choice for traders seeking a user-friendly and secure platform.

Alex is representative of Globe's target audience of experienced cryptocurrency traders who are seeking a secure and user-friendly platform for managing and trading their cryptocurrency derivatives.



Users struggled to manage diverse collateral types on one platform.
We implemented a clear, unified margin system for easy collateral handling.
Trading execution seemed complex to novice users.
An intuitive, streamlined interface was designed, leveraging visual cues.
Users expressed concerns over asset security during trades.
High-security features, including cold wallet storage, were emphasized.
Understanding and calculating trading fees was challenging.
A dynamic, integrated fee structure in the UI to show real-time costs.
Navigating through a diverse array of markets was confusing.
A straightforward icon-based system for seamless market transitions.

Our team handles the entire design process:

Product Design
Design System
User Research
Market Analysis
Marketing assets
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