GoalBlock is a cutting-edge mobile application designed to bridge the worlds of traditional investment planning and decentralized finance (DeFi). Built on Web3 technology, it empowers users to set, monitor, and achieve their financial aspirations in the dynamic realm of DeFi.

UX/UI Design
1 month
Project type
Mobile app design


The evolution of the financial landscape has given rise to both traditional investment methods and decentralized finance (DeFi). While both present opportunities, there's a significant gap in tools that harmoniously merge the planning rigor of traditional investments with the dynamism of DeFi. Additionally, with a plethora of platforms available, users struggle to find a centralized, intuitive interface that caters to both worlds.


    Our vision with GoalBlock was not just to develop another investment app but to pioneer a solution that serves as a bridge between two financial realms. We aimed to encapsulate the essence of structured financial planning while embracing the vast possibilities presented by DeFi.

      Research and Analysis

        We began with extensive market research, analyzing user behaviors, engagement levels on current platforms, and the specific features that stood out on major platforms like Binance and Slingshot. These platforms served as references, helping us understand the nuances of user interactions and the features that resonated most with users. Through surveys and focus group discussions, we delved deeper into understanding the real needs and desires of our target audience.

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          Maya Rodriguez

          30 y.o.
          Software Engineer
          San Francisco, CA

          Maya is a 28-year-old software developer from San Francisco. While she's adept at navigating the tech world, the financial realm often feels daunting. She's eager to venture into investments, especially decentralized finance, but seeks a platform that's both intuitive and trustworthy. Outside her coding routine, Maya enjoys local hikes and exploring the city's eateries. With GoalBlock, she hopes to find a bridge between her tech expertise and the world of finance, making her investment journey seamless and confident.

          • Diversify her savings into different investment avenues beyond just tech stocks.
          • Experiment with the world of decentralized finance without feeling overwhelmed.
          • Have a clear vision of her financial future and the milestones she's set.
          • Limited familiarity with traditional investment terms and the intricacies of DeFi.
          • The plethora of platforms available, making it hard to choose the right one.
          • Translating her tech-savvy nature into the financial domain, seeking a user-friendly platform.
          Pain Points
          • Lack of engaging and informative platforms for learning about cannabis strains.
          • The tedious and mundane process of buying cannabis online.
          • Traditional purchasing (offline) methods are time-consuming.
          • Uncertainty about the security and privacy of her personal information during online transactions.
          • She sometimes finds it hard to verify the quality and authenticity of cannabis products she purchases.

          Maya's journey represents those coming from non-finance industries, aiming to grasp and harness the potential of DeFi while seeking the familiar comfort of traditional investments. Her story highlights the broader appeal of GoalBlock beyond the financial industry, emphasizing its importance in user inclusivity and accessibility.



          Managing investments becomes cumbersome when scattered across various platforms.
          We developed a structured catalog with a minimalistic design that divides products by categories. Detailed filters help users narrow down their options based on specific preferences like strain type, effects, and THC/CBD content.
          Current platforms lack the ability to give a specific purpose to each investment, leading to a jumbled financial outlook.
          The AR feature enables users to interact with 3D NFTs of each strain, providing an immersive way to learn about its properties, effects, and history. This visual and interactive form of education makes the learning process enjoyable and memorable.
          There's a clear gap in tools that facilitate detailed planning, causing ambiguity in investment goal-setting.
          We developed an AR experience that lets users interact with the 3D NFTs, enhancing their perceived value.
          Keeping track of multiple goals in real-time is often complex and non-intuitive on existing platforms.
          We introduced a feature for users to track their delivery in real time, giving them peace of mind.
          The transition from standard browsing to AR viewing was not smooth.
          We incorporated the AR feature directly within the product browsing flow, creating a seamless and intuitive user experience.

          Our team handles the entire design process:

          Product Design
          Design System
          User Research
          Market Analysis
          Information Architecture
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