Hideez Authenticator is a versatile mobile and desktop application designed for seamless and secure access to both B2B and B2C platforms. The app offers features like single sign-on, QR code scanning for Windows login, one-time password generation, biometric access, and protection against various online threats. With companion apps Hideez Client and Hideez Safe, it also provides password management, auto-lock features, secure digital vault, and more, delivering an all-encompassing digital security solution.

UX/UI Design
10 months (2018)
Project type
Mobile app design
Desktop app design
Security & Authentication


Our challenge was to design a user experience for the Hideez Authenticator app that is secure yet user-friendly, integrating a variety of complex security features such as single sign-on, biometric access, and protection against online threats in a way that appeals to both B2B and B2C users.


Our approach was to prioritize user understanding and ease of navigation. We aimed to simplify complex procedures into user-friendly interactions, maintaining a minimalistic design to ensure clear communication of functionalities, while never compromising on security.

Research and Analysis

    Our research focused on the unique needs of B2B users for a multi-platform authenticator like Hideez. We studied how businesses manage their secure sign-ins and access control and the challenges they face in ensuring the smooth operation of such systems.

    Through interviews and surveys with IT managers and system administrators, we gained insight into their priorities: reliable security, ease of use for their team members, and efficient administration.

    Analyzing this data, we found that businesses needed an authentication app that offered robust security without compromising on user experience. The administrators needed efficient ways to manage and control access rights across different platforms, while the team members wanted an easy and seamless login process.

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    Thomas Grant

    42 y.o.
    IT Manager at a med-sized company

    Thomas is the IT manager at a mid-sized tech firm with a team of around 200 employees. He is responsible for managing the company's internal systems and maintaining the security of their data. His team often works remotely, requiring secure access to their systems from various locations.

    • Securely manage the access to company systems and data.
    • Simplify the sign-in process for his team to improve their efficiency.
    • Ensure that the security system can be easily managed and is scalable as the team grows.
    • Balancing the need for robust security with the user-friendliness for his team.
    • Dealing with various platforms and devices used by team members.
    • Implementing a secure system that does not interfere with productivity.
    • Security: Ensuring that company systems and data are protected is his top priority.
    • Efficiency: He values solutions that make his work and his team's work easier and more efficient.
    • Scalability: He looks for solutions that can grow and adapt as the company's needs evolve.



    Balancing robust security with user-friendliness was challenging. Employees found it difficult to navigate the existing sign-in process.
    We designed an intuitive interface, simplifying the sign-in process. Clear instructions and user prompts were added to aid navigation.
    Difficulties with implementing a uniform security solution due to the variety of devices and platforms.
    Ensured platform-agnostic design that makes it function well across all major operating systems and devices.
    The security system was seen as a hurdle to productivity because of time-consuming logins.
    Single sign-on that enables quick access to multiple services without sacrificing security.
    As the team size varied, managing access rights became more complex.
    Scalable design that allows easy addition or removal of users.
    IT managers had difficulty tracking and managing security due to the lack of a centralized system.
    Admin dashboard provides a consolidated view of security, enabling easy management of user rights.

    Our team handles the entire design process:

    Product Design
    Design System
    User Research
    Market Analysis
    Responsive Design
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