Our studio was commissioned to design KOT, a web-based platform that seamlessly integrates the complete real estate sales cycle into a user-friendly digital experience. KOT bridges property developers, agents, and potential homebuyers by presenting an accessible and transparent view of the entire transaction process. The project's key aspects included designing a dashboard for tracking transactions and documents, bid creation and management, lead generation, and facilitating a guided payment and settlement process. All these were to be executed while maintaining a clear and intuitive interface that effectively demystifies complex real estate procedures for the users.

UX/UI Design
15 months
Project type
Web app design
Website design


This complex project presented several challenges. Designing a platform that could handle the intricate stages of real estate transactions, from lead generation to settlement, was a daunting task. Ensuring user accessibility, fostering transparency, and creating a unified interface that could cater to various user types (property developers, agents, and homebuyers) were also major challenges.


We began with in-depth research and analysis of the real estate industry and the needs of each user type. We then developed a simplified user interface with easy navigation, clearly defined functions, and visual representations of complex data. We ensured that each function catered to the needs of the targeted users and implemented a design that fosters transparency and seamless user experience.

Research and Analysis

    We analyzed existing real estate platforms and interviewed property developers, agents, and homebuyers to understand their needs, preferences, and challenges. We studied the transaction process and identified areas where transparency and user experience could be enhanced. This research helped us form a clear picture of the functionalities needed in the application.

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    Haukur Ásgeirsson

    38 y.o.
    Real Estate Developer
    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Haukur is an ambitious, tech-savvy real estate developer managing multiple projects in and around Reykjavik. He is always on the lookout for innovative ways to streamline processes and maximize efficiency in his operations.

    • Streamline the real estate sales process, from bid to settlement.
    • Maintain real-time tracking and management of multiple properties.
    • Enhance buyer engagement through transparency and communication.
    • Managing information and document flow for multiple properties.
    • Ensuring all parties involved are updated about the property status in real-time.
    • Balancing the need for efficiency and transparency in the sales process.
    Pain Points
    • Time-consuming manual management of bids, payments, and settlements.
    • Difficulty in efficiently communicating property status updates to potential buyers.
    • Ineffectiveness of traditional methods in reaching and engaging a tech-savvy market.

    For Haukur, KOT serves as an essential tool that helps tackle his challenges by providing a unified platform to manage his real estate portfolio. It effectively digitizes and simplifies complex real estate procedures, provides real-time updates, and ensures all parties involved are kept in the loop. This alignment with Haukur's goals and needs ensures a positive user experience, making KOT an invaluable asset in his real estate operations.



    Unorganized and scattered data across different platforms.
    Designed a centralized platform to manage all property information.
    Difficulty maintaining transparency in the bidding process.
    Developed a real-time bidding feature with transparent updates for all users.
    Inefficient management of payments and settlement process.
    Integrated a guided settlement flow that tracks payments and important dates.
    Struggle to generate optimal list prices and auction methods.
    Automated analytics feature to determine the optimal list price and auction method.
    Time-consuming bid creation and review process.
    Simplified bid creation feature with pre-set templates and EIDAS compliant electronic signatures.

    Our team handles the entire design process:

    Product Design
    Design System
    User Research
    Market Analysis
    Marketing assets
    Information Architecture
    Usability Testing
    UX Writing
    Interaction Design
    Responsive Design
    Logo Design
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