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Propertize is a simple web platform that makes buying and selling real estate easy. Users can manage their funds in a digital wallet, see properties up for sale, and track all their transactions. With our platform, anyone can invest in real estate, and even earn dividends. Plus, with blockchain, transactions are quick, safe, and easy.

UX/UI Design
6 months
Project type
Web app design
Website design


Designing an intuitive web app that simplifies the complexities of tokenized real estate transactions for Propertize.


We focused on creating a user-friendly interface that guided users through profile setup, wallet operations, property selection, and P2P transactions. To aid comprehension, we utilized clear data visualization for transaction statistics and dividends.

Research and Analysis

    We collected data on user behavior and preferences through surveys and interviews, focusing on the users' pain points in traditional real estate platforms.

    After analyzing our research data, we identified areas that needed improvement, such as simplifying the process of buying properties, making the transaction statistics more understandable, and improving the visibility of dividends.

    In our research, we first delved into understanding the concept of tokenized real estate and the challenges users often face. We also studied other platforms that offer similar services to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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    35 y.o.
    Software Developer

    John, 35, is an IT professional living in New York. John is a Senior Software Developer working at a reputable tech company in New York. He has a decade of experience in the field, is highly skilled in multiple programming languages, and leads a team of developers to create innovative software solutions.

    He's been exploring different investment avenues, and real estate has always been attractive to him. However, the traditional real estate market's barriers to entry, such as high costs and lengthy processes, have discouraged him.

    • Diversify his investment portfolio with real estate.
    • Find a platform that simplifies the process of investing in real estate.
    • Have clear visibility of his investments and returns.
    • He finds the traditional real estate market complex and time-consuming.
    • He lacks clear visibility on the returns from his investments.
    • He is wary of hidden costs in real estate investments.

    For John, Propertize provides an accessible and simple solution to invest in real estate. It presents him with a platform that eliminates the complexities of traditional real estate investing, gives him a clear view of his investments, and brings him closer to achieving his financial goals.



    Property listings overwhelm users with information overload.
    Crafted a simplified, user-friendly and filterable property listings page.
    The transaction confirmation process was unclear, causing user anxiety.
    Implemented clear transaction confirmation steps and visual cues.
    P2P transactions had inconsistent user interfaces, confusing users.
    We designed a consistent, intuitive template for all P2P transactions.
    Customer support access was unintuitive and difficult to locate.
    Integrated an easily accessible customer support button in all pages.
    Unpersonalized user dashboard, hindering user engagement.
    Designed an adaptive dashboard that reflects user's preferences and activity.

    Our team handles the entire design process:

    Product Design
    Design System
    User Research
    Market Analysis
    Marketing assets
    Information Architecture
    Responsive Design
    Persona Development
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