RaShare aims to offer a social network centered on voice chat, responding to users' growing desire for more personal and engaging online communication, as seen with the popularity of short-video apps like TikTok.

UX/UI Design
2 months
Project type
Mobile app design


We needed to create RaShare, a social network focusing on voice communication. The app had to be engaging and easy to use for people to chat and connect through voice messages.


We used a user-focused approach to solve this challenge.

  1. Research and User Personas: We started with surveys and user testing to understand what users wanted. This helped us create a user persona, "Sarah," to represent our typical user.
  2. UX Design: We used our research to design four main screens: Feed, Profile, Voice Message, and Conversations. These screens provided a smooth journey for the user.
  3. Evaluation and Iteration: We then tested our designs with users, used analytics to understand usage, and made changes based on the results.

Our step-by-step process helped us create an engaging app that users enjoy and continue to use regularly.

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Sarah Johnson

23 y.o.
Content Creator
Los Angeles, CA

Sarah is an active content creator and influencer. She's always exploring creative ways to engage her audience and values her connections with followers. She's a regular user of social media for personal and professional interactions.

  • Create and share captivating voice messages on RaShare.
  • Expand her follower base and boost engagement on RaShare.
  • Discover and engage with intriguing voice content from other users.
  • Struggles to find time to craft quality voice messages for her followers.
  • Finds it hard to consistently engage followers and keep a dynamic presence on RaShare.
  • Has difficulty discovering fresh and engaging content to share with followers.

Sarah uses RaShare every day to make and share voice messages. She also explores the app to find intriguing voice messages from others and interact with them. She devotes a few hours each day on the app, either creating voice messages or connecting with her followers.

Sarah primarily uses her iPhone to access RaShare, but also uses her MacBook to review analytics and engage with her followers on the app.



Difficulty in finding engaging voice content.
Designed a 'Discover' feature for trending voices.
Users had difficulty managing their engagement.
Notifications screen to collate all engagement activity in one place.
Creating voice messages felt complicated for some users.
Intuitive voice message interface with easy-to-use recording and editing tools.
Users found it hard to keep track of their own voice messages and follower interactions.
We created a Profile screen that houses user's voice messages, followers, and following list.
Users wanted to engage in discussions around voice messages.
Threaded dialogue screen, resembling social network comments.

Our team handles the entire design process:

Product Design
Design System
User Research
Market Analysis
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